Do you wear sunglasses in the fall

There are at least 3 countries claim that they invented the earliestglasses. 500 years ago the Spanish missionary mentioned in the books they brought back from China glasses, but no real license.Another one is the Eskimos 500 years ago using a wooden goggles, is actually a long pieces of wood, it made two seams, this is clearly notthe sunglasses. Confidence is the modern sunglasses are European invention. The eighteenth Century in Europe, the industrial revolution began, glass manufacturing and precision metal processing is becoming more and more perfect. When the glasses manufacturermainly small workshops, by hand, but each glasses also marked withthe manufacturer’s name. These small workshops in many home laterbecame the production of precision instruments and watchmanufacturers. When the glasses have become a new favorite in upper class society, tuxedo, Stick (Stick) and eyeglasses is a decent enough standard dressed gentleman. The industrial revolution to the greatest wealth is the automobile and aircraft, automobile and aircraftbrings is the goggles popular, because then the aircraft is open, nogoggles couldn’t drive. At the beginning of twentieth Century, the goggles used exclusively for driving has become the symbols of wealth and fashion. Goggles are mainly made of glass, are also useful for natural crystal, but the price is very expensive. Nineteen thirtiesGermans and Americans have invented polystyrene plastics, thetransparency and the glass, but it is stronger than the glass, thematerial is used in the goggles. Because polystyrene production is very low at that time, so the price even higher than the glass, can beput on the goggles, is an absolute fashion.