an important indicator of buying sunglasses

A beautiful fashion sunglasses fashion people essential equipment in the summer, sunglasses style, material, color of the spectacle lens, and radiation are the choice of sunglasses important sign of a good sunglasses is not only beautiful but also protect the eyes do not stimulated by strong light, from the following selection of sunglasses!
The first indicators: Material
1, Frame Material: sunglasses material has been a major breakthrough, Tao more extensive use of titanium metal, jewelry, plastic, enamel, rubber, polyester acetate material designers also increasingly popular natural materials production, handmade wood frames and frames made of buffalo horn. Opponents has become fashionable frames lighter and more refined, fine material, wear to very soft and highly decorative effect. Brand remorse is also to play an important role in the frame, arty LOGO mountain almost become a part of the product. Plastic layered (made of three layers, the middle layer is often heterogeneous material, subtly embedded in two) is one of the highlights of today’s frames, in addition to the fluorescent effect the frames and also highlight the youthful vigor of transparent frames, and so on. Lens material: currently on the market the most common lens material there are two kinds of glass and resin, glass lenses due to the fragile, heavy, tends to be eliminated. And compared to glass, a resin lens has the following advantages: not broken, light weight, and high transmittance. The indexes of high-quality lenses: shockproof, anti-scratch coloring technology, the use of high-tech, lightweight, UV, clear and eye-catching appearance.
The second indicators: color
Very particular about the color of the sunglasses, the lenses of different colors often have different useful, you can choose according to their needs. However, gray and brown sunglasses UV resist. This year’s sunglasses popular multicolor mixed with blooming effect, Red, metallic colors, Black, dark green in England green color to IN, but not everyone is suited to these color lenses, so if possible, the pride, the selection of sunglasses before to consult the views of the ophthalmologist, look at your options can play a good optical correction effect.